Things you should know before you hire your investigator.

  • Is your investigator licensed? In Washington contact the Public Protection Unit at 360-664-6611 to get the most up to date status. Plus you investigator will be able to display or provide copies of any relevant licensing. Every investigator is issued a license.
  • Is he/she licensed to carry weapons if necessary? In Washington a special endorsement appears on an individuals license, this assures your agent is trained and qualified to the standards of the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission.
  • Is he/she insured? Your investigator will be able to display or provide copies of a current insurance certificate.
  • Can he/she provide references? Don't expect a list of clients from a prospective investigator. Most clients never agree to do this. References from other investigators, contractors, sub-contractors and other security professionals are usually easier to provide and can provide you an excellent means of investigating your investigator.
  • Does your investigator have available a written agreement for services? Written agreements simplify your relationship with your investigator and assures your agreement is clear and understandable.

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