Protection Services

Regardless of protective services a client needs, our professionals are consistently attentive and focused on all details, no matter how small. Our services are strictly confidential.

Workplace violence:

When faced with terminations, layoffs, corporate downsizing, labor disruptions, shareholder meetings, and client meetings, The Jones Group, Inc. can help assure a safe working environment.

Executive Protection:

The Jones Group, Inc. provides protection for corporate executives.

Personal Protection:

While visiting for business, or pleasure, The Jones Group, Inc. can provide personal protection tailored to your needs. Your agent will safely escort you to your destination and assure a pleasant and trouble free stay in Seattle or around the world.

Victim and Witness Protection:

The Jones Group, Inc. offers discreet surveillance and other investigative protection in response to threats, stalking, harassment, invasion of privacy, and domestic violence.

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